A New Project- My Heart is Beating

We have a new project!

It’s a different genre than Kid Gang, but there is plenty of humor is this one as well, so I’m sure you guys will enjoy it!

The story is about a boy (Bae Sugu) who has a swimsuit fetish and an oppressive father.

Hope you enjoy this new project!
Here is a link to the raws if you would like to take a peek at later chapters.

Also, we are now recruiting cleaners, typesetters, and/or editors, since this webtoon is full color and my month old photoshop skills are not doing this piece justice T.T
If you think you can help out in a different way, shoot me an email! If we get enough people, I will start another project that I have in mind.

If you would like to help out, email me at kaperaflies@gmail.com

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3 Responses to A New Project- My Heart is Beating

  1. maxcmoi says:

    Thanks for this webtoon!

    It was really enjoyable.

  2. iloveleonard says:

    I loved the first chapter! And I can’t wait to read more!

    Thank you so much for translating it!

  3. Lylaaz says:

    I have waiter for chapter 19 for quite some time, anyone knows when its going to be translated?

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