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Kid Gang chapter 28

 Sorry for the long wait, but the Iljin Iljin Hwe story has finally been resolved! Enjoy the chapter! Download Advertisements

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MHIB chapter 12

Sorry about the delay, but here’s chapter 12! Enjoy this new chapter =) Download View Original

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MHIB chapter 11

Chapter 11! And if you want to understand the last line of this chapter better, read Pigeonhole Fantasia! It explains what exactly this “mom’s friend’s son/daughter” business is all about. There’s also a giant T/N at the end of the … Continue reading

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Pigeonhole Fantasia

We translated a few chapters of this webtoon to help people understand the concept of: “My Mom’s Friend’s Son” or, for short, MFS It’s sort of a meme in Korea, but I’m sure most Asian kids, and maybe even some … Continue reading

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