MHIB chapter 11

Chapter 11!

And if you want to understand the last line of this chapter better, read Pigeonhole Fantasia! It explains what exactly this “mom’s friend’s son/daughter” business is all about. There’s also a giant T/N at the end of the chapter about it. I hear rumors of prizes for people who read all parts of the note?!!

Enjoy this chapter!

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3 Responses to MHIB chapter 11

  1. Shark says:

    *Munches on air*

  2. Sani says:

    Thanks for the work!! I love this author/artist and I’m glad you guys are translating it for me because I would have never found their work out if it weren’t for you guys!! I am thanking you again because now I look up to this person. I hope to match their quality if I ever make a comic. Keep up the work, if you need anything I’ll try to support you guys the best I can!!

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