MHIB chapter 15!

Chapter 15 is here!

Enjoy this new chapter =)

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4 Responses to MHIB chapter 15!

  1. Nito-kun says:

    cool, new chapter!!! 😀

  2. Noir Schist says:

    Thanks for the release!
    I’ve some questions. I viewed the link [] and seen some pictures of (most probably) a Japanese manga called ‘Water Cube’ that looks like another version of MHIB. Since I know zilch Korean, could you tell me whether this really is an actual manga of MHIB? ’cause the sight of the nicely drawn manga pages on that blog really excited me~ I love MHIB and would love nothing more than a manga version of it.
    Again, thanks for the release! (:

    • kapera says:

      Yup, Water Cube a manga version of MHIB being released in Japan.
      The art is done by a different artist (not Ha Ilkwon), but the story is still the same, and he still has the final say in the art, as far as I know.
      It’s being published in a new magazine called Earth Star.
      Personally, I like the color of webtoons better!
      There is also a tankabon version of the webtoon MHIB here

  3. john23 says:

    Hey, thanks for all the hard work in translating!

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