Kid Gang
Raw Provider: Kurow
Translator: Niaini
Proofreader/Editor: Kapera
Quality Checker: sandfood

My Heart is Beating
Translator: Kapera
Proofreader: sandfood
Cleaner: Yamato
Typesetter: Zie
Quality Checker: Sakina

Our team is here to bring to your attention to some great manhwa.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to send an email to


9 Responses to Staff

  1. Sakina F says:

    uh, saw the message at the end of ‘my heart is beating’ and i noticed you guys did ‘kid gang’ (which i never read though). and, well. just saying. i have no experience in scanlating mangas or manhwas or manhuas, whatever. but seriously, everytime i read a manga online, i just feel like i really really really want to pitch in and do what i can. so, like i said, no idea how scanlating teams work or anything. but i’m very willing to offer help. so if i can do that, i’d be really glad. thank you.

  2. Yamato says:

    same as me, i read My Heart is Beating and found you guys, i already work with a other group, but still have some time, if you need help as a cleaner i can give you plenty xD

    Sorry for my English, i´m still studying it, but as cleaner i have already some experience, cleaned already about 2 volumes xD

  3. The Jobberwok says:

    I would like to help with the translation of Kidgang.

  4. NGorco says:

    Hi. I want to help with MHIB. I can typing, cleaning and translating from English to Russian))

  5. Charly says:

    >.< hey. so i've been really bored lately, and i always feel like i should contribute back to the manga community so… :I i'd like to help. I could help with cleaning or proofreading if you want. I guess i'd be called "new to cleaning" but, i get the gist of it :] but umm.. hopefully if i have some questions, you guys wouldn't bash me about it. I; so.. i hope i can be of use to you guys 😀

  6. Sarcastic Hobo says:

    hey i would like to help you out a lot. My big exams finished and i have lik 5 months holidays i always read webtoons since i was a kid,im planing on getting mine on naver webtoons.So since i have a lot of time i would love to help you guys i can clean /translate/web design/proofread . Im korean and im fluent in english.So if u need my help mail me

  7. Gradient says:

    Awesome!! Thanks for translations. Would have never come across MHIB and web manwha. So freaking excited right now!!!!! Thanks for sharing with the world :DDD

  8. Tek says:

    Any chance of Kid Gang new chapters??

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