Kid Gang Download

Volume1 Download
v01 ch01: Gang and Baby
v01 ch02: Stop Crying!
v01 ch03: I’m Throwing Him Away!
v01 ch04: Born as a Gangster
v01 ch05: Baby Needs
v01 ch06: My Name is Chulsoo!
v01 ch07: It’s My Fault!
v01 ch08: I Like You!
v01 ch09: Missing

Volume 2 Download
v02 ch10: Where is Chulsoo!
v02 ch11: Raid the Station!!
v02 ch12: Art of Disguise
v02 ch13: Kidnapper
v02 ch14: Make Some Cash
v02 ch15: Chulsoo’s Dad, Younghee’s Mom!
v02 ch16: Self Injuring Scam Team
v02 ch17: Hanpyo, With Vengeance in his Eyes

Volume 3 Download
v03 ch18: Pack Up!
v03 ch19: Paereng’s Conspiracy
v03 ch20: Chulsoo is Strong?!
v03 ch21: Hanpyo’s Past
v03 ch22: He’s a Cop!
v03 ch23: Chief Hwang vs. Kang Daebong
v03 ch24: Child Abuser?!
v03 ch25: Go Back To Your Family!!
v03 ch26: Hanpyo and the Iljin Iljin Hwe

v04 ch27: Hanpyo and the Iljin Iljin Hwe 2
v04 ch28: Hanpyo and the Iljin Iljin Hwe 3
v04 ch29: Chulsoo is Sick!
v04 ch30: First Birthday Party
v04 ch31: Sashin and Honggu
v04 ch32: I want to Become Lips



22 Responses to Kid Gang Download

  1. reichii says:

    thanks for the release,,, looking forward for next chapter 😀

  2. reichii says:

    whaaa… so fast thanks for ur hard work >.<

  3. R says:

    Yes, thanks for the quick releases. Excellent pick guys. 🙂

  4. liana says:

    Thanks a lot for releases, great, funny manhwa, i cant stop laughing. Looking forward for the other releases.

    Can you please, reupload ch.19 and 20, thank you.

  5. liana says:

    sorry, everything is ok now, the links work.

  6. goda-lei says:

    Thanks for all the hard work, could you please reup chapter 20, it seems to be down again.

    thanks again

  7. K says:

    Thank you SO much for your hard work and uploads 😀 I look forward to the next release! Fighting!

  8. Mike says:

    Where can i get raw scanslations of this manwha?

    • Alkana says:

      hi thanks for your work and time on “Kid gang” I have fun reading it.
      By the way, Kid Gang v03 ch23 link is not working i mean the file is not there .Can you reupload it?
      Have a nice day for the Teammember of hidden gem !!!!!


  9. okaasan says:

    kid gang is really funny story….can’t wait to read more ^o^
    thanks a lot for your hard work

  10. Mohammed Youssef Mohammed Taleb says:

    U R The Best

  11. Rachid says:

    can you guys provide alternative hosts, mediafire would be really great, but any other hosting service will do, and thank you for your hard work

  12. C says:

    Thankyou for your hard work! Keep going, Fighting >o<

  13. H says:

    Thankyou for the fast uploads! I was hoping you guys could put up a collective dl for vol 3 (like you did for vol 1 and 2) Thanks again for the hard work!

    • kapera says:

      Sorry that it hasn’t already been done.
      I’m working on it, but my internet seems to fail me a lot these days, and it’s refusing to upload anything more than one chapter at a time right now! But i’ll get it up soon =)

  14. Niaini says:

    just wanted to say, i’m still here too ;D
    hey kapera did you get my email?

  15. oxwivi says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to order the chapters latest first?

  16. Mohammad Youssef Mohammad Taleb says:

    !I need more!

    Best Regards

  17. obey says:

    hey are you still translating this manhwa?

  18. Tek says:

    kid gang is really amazing. Thanks for the hard work

  19. Teca says:

    hay , are you still translating this manhwa?

    Because the original one reach at Volume 23 (Ongoing) and you still at Volume 4
    Thank You

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