Kid Gang Chapter 30

Here is another chapter of Kid Gang!

Thank you everyone for your patience and encouragements.

Enjoy this chapter!

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MHIB double release!

Chapter 13 and 14 are here!

Enjoy =)

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Kid Gang chapter 29!

Kid Gang chapter 29 is finally here!

Sorry about the long break I gave myself!

Enjoy the new chapter!


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Kid Gang chapter 28

 Sorry for the long wait, but the Iljin Iljin Hwe story has finally been resolved!

Enjoy the chapter!

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MHIB chapter 12

Sorry about the delay, but here’s chapter 12!

Enjoy this new chapter =)

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MHIB chapter 11

Chapter 11!

And if you want to understand the last line of this chapter better, read Pigeonhole Fantasia! It explains what exactly this “mom’s friend’s son/daughter” business is all about. There’s also a giant T/N at the end of the chapter about it. I hear rumors of prizes for people who read all parts of the note?!!

Enjoy this chapter!

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Pigeonhole Fantasia

We translated a few chapters of this webtoon to help people understand the concept of:
“My Mom’s Friend’s Son” or, for short, MFS
It’s sort of a meme in Korea, but I’m sure most Asian kids, and maybe even some others would relate to this all powerful “mom’s friend’s son.”

You’ll be able to understand the next chapter of MHIB better after reading this.


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View Original: ch8, ch16, ch58, ch59, ch60, ch61, ch80

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