Kid Gang
By Shin Young Woo

A gang called ‘Bloody Tuesday’ takes on an orphan! A hilarious manhwa about what happens when a gang meets a baby.


My Heart is Beating
By Ha Il Gwon

Model student Bae Sugu has a secret swimsuit fetish. What will happen when he gets caught taking pictures of girls in swimsuits by his teacher?!


9 Responses to Projects

  1. Yamato says:

    i just had read My Heart is Beating a thought, “hey i habe to much free time, i´m only cleaning some RAWs, studying, frends and the Internet, so what will i do with the other left time???” so i decidet to ask you guys if you need a experienced cleaner (cleaned already about 2 Volumes) so hey my mail location is so write me as soon as possible even if you guys say sorry dude, but we don´t need your help xD

    so thanks and have a nice day ^__^

  2. Yamato says:

    oh and sorry for my English i´m still learning 2 year high school so have a nice day again

    (sorry for my spam)

  3. ryuu-des says:

    thanks a lot for translating MHiB. I love it! if you don’t mind,i wanna ask sth.when will you translate other chapters,does it take too long?because long time no skip beat for me too, so i am looking forword to it ^^

  4. Neight says:

    I would love more MHIB!
    Thanks for all your hard work

  5. CCzkre3N says:

    Thnx for all your hard work on MHIB!!! I love it along with the other 3 people that posted here. lol Please keep this Webtoon going please…We love you <3<3<3

  6. Nito-kun says:

    thanks you so much for MHIB!
    i really get caught with the history 😀

    but i have one question who are the ones that appears in the credits page?

    is sugu or is another manhwa?

    sorry if i don’t writte it good, english is not my best asignature:P

    • kapera says:

      If you are asking about the 2 characters in the credits page, its sugu and the girl he asked for the swimming suit in the first chapter 🙂

  7. peeyawsi says:

    please continue on translating my heart is beating many readers are really looking forward on reading your creations..thanks

  8. lunamoth says:

    MHIB is great. At first I thought this guy was doomed to become permanently squashed by depression. Now he seems to be standing up and struggling. This manhwa is getting very suspenseful.

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